Culture eats strategy for breakfast

Your team culture affects your business metrics like productivity, turnover, and employee motivation

+20% productivity

Team productivity in the number of closed tasks grows by up to 20% after 3 months of Billy usage

-15% turnover

Recognition leads to less turnover because employees see how their work is appreciated and they enjoy team culture

Better connections

Billy introduces new ways of communication, new levels of interaction by creating an in-team virtual currency

Prevented problems

Billy reads team culture between the lines, so Artificial Intelligence highlights problems and predicts who has problems

Build your team culture

Help your team to thank each other, let employees strengthen relationships and cultivate cooperation.

Recognition, appreciation, leadership and respect can be expressed more often and better using Billy.

We engage our employees, encourage them to follow our values using Billy and they feel more appreciated at work.

Samuel Davtyan CEO, Evendate

Incentivise horizontal connections

Celebrating and endorsing publicly is an essential part of the motivation.

Peers can endorse recognition and say "Thank you" with their favorite emoji or by supporting initiatives.

Personalise perks & benefits

Turn employee recognition and appreciation into something tangible.

Instead of providing the same benefits and perks for the whole team let them choose what they really want.

We don't have the "default set" of gym certificate, English courses, and hoodies anymore, because our employees now choose what they really want.

Helena Kravets HR, ModusOperandi

Measure &
identify problems

Real-time analytics on how employees interact with each other, who goes above-and-beyond, and who may need help.

What you get?


Team currency

You can add Billy to Slack in 2 clicks. The bot will create an account for every user and send 500 "Thanks" coins to each. Every month it sends new 500 token.


Recognition culture

"Thanks" coins can be used to give recognition to colleagues in a messenger using commands or reactions. Unused tokens will be burnt 🔥 by the end of a month.


Benefits personalization

The built-in store allows the company and any team member to sell and buy items using earned tokens. Store is the best way to personalize benefits.


Analytics & Insights

Team managers can see the list of most recognized employees and teams, who are the most active and how they interact with other teams and teammates.

Useful Integration With Your Other Tools

In-team currency can be used in many tools such as task managers (Jira, Trello, Asana), version control systems (Github, Gitlab) and messengers (Slack, Microsoft Teams).

Appreciation can be attached to tasks and issues with additional conditions using command like @billy 100 thanks when done.

Still have questions?

We help companies and communities to build a culture of appreciation, motivate employees, and identify problems when they start, not after it's too late.

Schedule a demo to think together how to make full use of Billy's power.

Easy Pricing Plans



All the basics for businesses that are just getting started


per user per month
up to 30 users
  • Team currency
  • Benefits & perks store
  • Leaderboard
  • Basic analytics
  • Better team culture


Better insights for growing businesses that want great culture


per user per month
31 — 500 users
  • Detailed analytics
  • Unlimited store items
  • Unlimited users
  • 24/7 award-winning support
  • Team dynamics projection


Advanced features for pros who need more customization


per user per month
from 501 users
  • Customizable currency name
  • Integrations
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Dedicated manager
  • 1-week team onboarding
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